I am a second year Literature and Media student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m an enthusiast, about a lot of things. I love art and literature, the way it moves people to do more than they can on their own. I love clothing, and the self-expression it can aid. I love nature; it’s a vital part of my life, a chance to appreciate how much more there is than my little self. I love people, men and women, and our messed up, self-involved, imperfect selves, and the way we fit together anyway.

This blog is just an expression of a small part of life, with all its complications, from one angle. The feminist angle is very important to me, because I feel that most of life has a patriarchal filter on it, dying our experiences, our perceptions and our interests a little bit blue. So maybe, by writing about some of it, I can help.