A Brush with Gender Binaries

There are more than two genders. I only recently realized the importance of an open mind with regards to gender, and how vastly different individuals really are. You don’t always think of it in a small town, honestly. Our ideologies of gender roles and binaries are well-trained and seldom questioned. It’s more than the idea…

A Woman in the World

I have done a lot of traveling over the past few years – mostly in Europe, and a lot in the Western Cape. These are distinctly different experiences, but they have a lot of similarities. One is that no matter what, you always feel safer with a little pepper spray in your bag (or hand)….

Quick, Cheap and Dirty

How many clothes do you have? It isn’t enough. Obviously it’s not enough. Have you seen those cute shirts, with the sheer dark fabric? They’re so unusual; a statement piece. And it’s incredible what they’re doing with synthetic fabric these days. So breathable. I have sold things for different companies since I was 15, and…

Bridging the Pay Gap

The limited rights of women globally is not an issue for women. It is an issue which affects the moral stand of every country.

A Necessary Artist

Koleka Putuma – Poet, Theatre Director and Writer – launched her first poetry anthology on 11 April 2017, at the University of Cape Town. The anthology is called Collective Amnesia, and speaks to Koleka’s experience as a black woman in South Africa in a way that is both uncommon and intensely relatable. Koleka Putuma graduated…

Femininity in Local Art

Art is one of our greatest forms of expression; an antidote. Feminist art is difficult to define, because we all feel something different. In fancy terms, the difficulty is due to philosophical contradictions, disparities between generational interests, and the uncertainty of the definition of modern, third-wave feminism. But basically, it’s because no human feels the…

Feminism, not Misandry

There is a global feeling, that boys are braver than girls; men more capable than women. But boys are told that they can jump from that tree, and if they break their arm, it’s part of growing up. Girls are told we’ll never make it up the tree. Certainly never jump. It’s too big, too difficult, too scary.